Ko-Work Network Testimonials

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“Kowork has been a life saver for my business! It offers me a clean modern training room in a great centralised location, and a part time desk outside of home, to more effectively run my business.”

Ben Cleaver – Director


“Joining Ko-Work (North Lakes) has been one of the most logical and rewarding decisions I’ve made for my business to date; I only wish I’d made it sooner! Despite only recently settling in to this fantastic office space, there have been several noticeable benefits already.

Beyond the obvious benefits that Ko-Work provides, such as casual office space on a truly “as-needs basis” (which is essential for my growing business) and being located opposite a fantastic coffee shop (priorities people!!!!), Ko-Work also offers all you could need in-house amenities, clearly signed / on-site parking, wi-fi access, 24/7 pin code access (which is super easy and surprisingly useful – I’ve actually had a situation previously where an impromptu meeting on a weekend had to be held at a coffee shop because I hadn’t yet discovered Ko-Work), networking opportunities with other like-minded professionals, a “gun” onsite manager (who is wonderfully supportive and personable), a variety of cleverly designed office space options to choose from and my favourite benefit of them all – for very reasonable prices!

For my management consultancy business, each of these spaces will at some point perfectly align with my client requirements, which change daily. One day I can be facilitating a workshop or delivering training for a high-profile corporate client (requiring a small or large training room), then the next day I may need to meet with an individual client for an executive coaching or mentoring session (where a small meeting room will suffice). Then there are the days where it’s ‘business as usual’ and I simply need an office for quiet concentration to finish that darn BAS already! Ko-Work therefore affords me the ability to ebb and flow between these spaces to align with my client’s requirements and only pay for what I need. Even better still, I am able to present an image to my clients that I can offer a broad range of office space options, creating a much more sophisticated image, but without the large overheads commensurate with the traditional high cost, all-in office space. Ultimately I can actually pass these savings on to my clients as well – everyone wins!

I’ve done my research and Ko-Work provides much higher quality offerings than their competition! Whether it’s Ko-Work’s enclosed offices (for casual or permanent rental), which many serviced offices either do not offer or don’t offer for these prices or their super modern breakout areas or ‘hot desks’, which are offered at such a low price, you’d be insane not to at least try them out and give them a go. Ko-Work’s spacious and super clean layout offers anything you could possibly need and more. I’ve had no regrets in signing up and as I say, only wish I’d taken the plunge sooner.”
Christie Cooper MMNT
Director | Proactive Partnering Pty Ltd
M: 0412 722 315
PO Box 2195, Ascot QLD 4007